German Shepherd Puppy Is Adorably Taken Aback By Her Own Farts

“What a lady.” That’s how Kayla Eggers describes her 7-month-old white German Shepherd Dog, Lucy. Except, when this video was taken. On this particular day, Lucy maybe wasn’t so ladylike because she was farting…a lot. So much so that, Kayla whipped out her camera to record her puppy’s funny reaction to her own “silent but deadly”!

Lucy farts and at 0:15 she must have let out a particularly stinky one because she immediately tilts her head and looks at her rear. That’s when she bends over to get a closer sniff. I love how she first checks to determine that, yes, the smell is coming from her rear, and second, decides it’s time to move away. Hilarious!

“I was laughing SO hard (as you can hear in the video) that I decided to share it,” explains Kayla. “So that as humans, we can all rest our minds knowing it’s perfectly acceptable to blame the dog.”

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