Friendly Poodle Found Locked In Suitcase And Abandoned In Ditch

A dog is lucky to be alive after he was found locked in a suitcase and dumped in a wooded area on a hot day.

The poodle was inside a hard-shelled suitcase and left in a ditch when Graham Barrett noticed the blue and black suitcase in the undergrowth and heard a noise coming from it. Barrett was walking his two dogs in early evening in Richmond, BC, Canada, when they heard noises coming from the bushes and went to investigate.

Richmond Animal Protection Society (RAPS)

Barrett tried to pry open the suitcase but it was double locked so he took it home and called the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), CTV News reported. When they opened the suitcase they were shocked to find a poodle inside covered in his own urine and feces.

The RCMP picked up the dog – now named Donut – along with the suitcase and brought Donut to the Richmond Animal Protection Society (RAPS) on May 28, 2017. It’s estimated the dog had been in the suitcase for 3 to 6 hours, on the the hottest day of the year so far.

RAPS says the dog is an unaltered male Apricot Poodle, recently groomed and who is around 6 to 8 years old. He has no microchip or tattoo. Donut is super friendly and thankfully, he is in good health despite the traumatizing incident. The group says they can’t understand why Donut’s owner simply didn’t turn him over.

“There is no reason why this type of cruelty need happen,” said the society. “Anyone can surrender their animal for any reason at the Richmond Animal Shelter. RAPS will gladly take the animal, provide it care and re-home the animal.”

Investigators are now searching for his owner. Donut will continue to be cared for by RAPS and will soon be made available for adoption. Barrett told CTV News that he is hoping his daughter adopts the small dog, as he’s positive his family will give him a good home and he would rest easy knowing the dog has a loving family.

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