Fisherman Whistles When He Hears Desperate Cries And Finds A Puppy

A group of fishermen were out in their boat on a river when they spotted a black dot on the far river bank that took them completely by surprise. There, abandoned and in the middle of nowhere, was a tiny puppy!

There was no way they were going to leave the puppy stranded and quickly motored over to where he was. In the video below, the men pull the boat alongside the riverbank to save him!

Below is the first part of the rescue, and you can see just how remote a place these men found the poor dog.

The best news, however, came after the puppy’s rescue. He has already found a forever home. SpringriverKing, who uploaded the videos wrote, “I took him home, cleaned him up and got some food in his belly. Had some friends looking for a dog that took him in.” He added, “he has a warm bed every night and a full belly!”

I can’t think of a better happy ending than that! Please share this wonderful rescue with your friends and family!

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