Feral Dog Scrounging For Food Until The Right People Finally Noticed Her

“Shadow was a wild, stray dog, living in the outskirts of Athens, Greece. She used to sleep on a pile of garbage and feed off rotting corpses of livestock, abandoned in the field next to the house where the shepherd lives,” writes The Orphan Pet.

When a volunteer with the rescue group SPAZ first saw Shadow, she was wandering among the trash and was severely emaciated, very sick and not very friendly at all. But who could blamer her?

It took rescuers three days to save her, as she would try and bite anyone who tried to approach her. But catch her they did, and when she was looked after medically, she went into foster care with a woman named Zaira who worked with Shadow for two months to mend her broken body and her soul.

“It took two months of hard work, patience, training and consistency, to turn her into a house trained, easygoing dog,” says The Orphan Pet. After her transformation, Shadow is now ready for a family who will continue to show her patience and gentleness.

“She still has trust issues and is very suspicious of strangers,” says The Orphan Pet. But Shadow “is excellent with other dogs and cats, she has been treated for leishmaniasis and is now ready for her forever home.”

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