Watch The Incredible Moment Farmer Gathers His Flock Of Chickens

In the children’s tale Pied Piper, a musician playing a magic flute lures animals (and children) to follow him wherever he goes. In this video, a farmer in China does almost the same thing with a whistle, calling his chickens to his side.

Filmed in Guizhou Province in the summer, the farmer blows a whistle to call hundreds of chickens for their meal. In just a matter of minutes the chickens fly down from every direction on the hillside.

They fly, run, and glide down to the road to be fed.  Soon the road is filled with the brown colors of their feathers as they race to the source of the whistle and to eat the grain the farmer has laid down for them.

It’s a pretty amazing sight! Have you ever seen something like this before?

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