Famous Footballer Reacts Emotionally When His Childhood Teacher Surprises Him

Although not everyone remembers a teacher who strongly influenced their life, footballer Ian Wright had one he credits with steering him in the direction of his illustrious career.

For those who might not know, Wright is a famous professional athlete who played football (soccer) in England. He had illustrious career playing with Crystal Palace and Arsenal football clubs and England’s national team. He went on to become a radio and television personality.

In the video clip below, Wright is in for a huge shock when a teacher from his past shows up unexpectedly to meet him. He hasn’t seen Mr. Pigden in over 20 years. In fact, he believed Mr. Pigden had died. But wait until you see his reaction. It’s like he goes back to being a kid again! But you can tell just how much he respects and cares for the man who first taught him to kick a ball.

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