Family Overcome With Emotion When They Reunite With Puppy Who Was Missing For 9 Years

When the Goldstone family brought home their new Boxer puppy, Boozer, they thought they would have years together to cherish him. But Boozer ended up escaping from their backyard never to be seen or heard from again, despite being microchipped and despite their prolonged search efforts.

That is until 2015, when 9 years after he disappeared, Boozer arrived at a shelter and the Goldstone’s got a phone call. The Goldstone’s didn’t know what to think. Was the dog 2,500 miles away at a shelter their long lost puppy?

The family followed their heart and went to see – and it was Boozer! Despite all the years apart, Boozer recognized them. And papa Goldstone recognized his dog, although he admitted, “both of us have grey hair now.”

Watch their heartwarming reunion in the video below.

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