ER Doctor Rushes To Catch Newborn Baby As Mom Suddenly Gives Birth

Sometimes childbirth doesn’t go at all like planned, and this true story is one of those times.

Dr. Mauricio Heilbron, Jr. sets the the scene at his hospital’s ER in San Pedro, California back in 2005. It was a crazy night, with a gunshot victim, a man with his intestines outside of his body (ew!) and a pregnant woman among other patients.

Suddenly, he heard the pregnant woman howl in pain, followed by quick, loud footsteps. He turned around to see an ER physician making a frantic dash to the woman and then leap and land on his knees on the pregnant woman’s gurney just in time to catch her baby as he flew out of her!

The unnamed doctor’s “sweet catch” potentially saved the baby’s life in what could have been a horrible accident! There was one casualty – the doctor’s clothes. “Here’s this immaculately-dressed emergency room physician now covered in afterbirth, blood, fluid, feces, urine, God knows what else,” Dr. Heilbron recounts to “Untold Stories of the ER”.

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