Rescuers Crawl After 8 Feral Puppies Inside Cave, Surprised When They Check One Last Time

While Hope For Paws was attending a funeral, they got a call about a pack of puppies that were stuck in a deep den 18 feet in the earth. The puppies’ mother is feral and was nowhere to be seen. (People have been trying to rescue her for 5 years without success, but rescue efforts continue).

Eldad Hagar had to crawl into a hole to try and reach the puppies one by one. It was a dangerous operation, as a cave-in could happen easily. At several points, Hagar had to be pulled out of the hole by his legs!

Watch as they come to the rescue of 9 puppies – Luke, Mary, Isaac, Ezekiel, Abraham, Sarah, Solomon, Angel or Heaven – are now all save with rescues.

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