Two Fearsome Marine Predators Work Together To Catch Prey In Surprising Discovery

This is an absolutely fascinating discovery! Two of the more fearsome ocean predators have been discovered to cooperate together to hunt! While snorkelying in Egypt’s Red Sea, behavioral ecologist Redouan Bshary observed a grumpy-looking grouper fish and a giant moray eel team up to hunt!

He saw the grouper signal to the moray eel to come out and hunt. The pair work in tandem to flush out prey and share in the spoils! The moray would go into the crevices of the coral reef while the grouper lay wait for the fish to try and escape. The two would then feed alongside each other! Bshary was astonished! Further investigation revealed that the grouper cooperates with the eel in many different ways. The big fish also points to places the prey is hiding, communicating with the moray eel where to go!

This lead Bshary to lead a series of experiments to observe their partnership in further detail. The results reveal that fish are able to perform much more complex behaviors and are much smarter than we have thought!

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