Dying K9 Officer Given Loving Final Farewell By Family And Fellow Officers

K9 Argo spent his life serving the Texas community of Hidalgo County, but with his health ailing, the dog was given a touching farewell by his family and fellow police officers.

The Czech German Shepherd had a distinguished career sniffing out narcotics and tracking down dangerous felons. Recently, the K9 was diagnosed with bone cancer. At first, he refused to let the cancer slow him down, but eventually after the pain became too much, his partner made the painful, but caring decision, to end his suffering. He was surrounded by those who loved him. His family shared a video of his final moments and tearful goodbye.

His family shared a video of Argo’s final moments. The Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office also honored the K9 with a special radio farewel, as you will hear.

“End of watch for K9 Argo on October 10, 2015,” a dispatcher read over the radio line. “Rest in Peace, K-9 Argo.”

Here is the letter from department that accompanied the touching video above.


Rest in Peace, Argo.