Drowning Baby Giraffe Saved From Crocodile-Infested River By Villagers

Things did not look good for a wild baby giraffe in Kenya after it got stranded in the Uaso Nyiro river. The animal was stuck in the middle of the river for roughly four hours according to Baba Sue, who posted photos of the rescue to Samburu Aboriginal Heritage museum forum’s Facebook page.

Note: photos may take a few seconds to load.

A group of courageous rescuers took a risk of being attacked by crocodiles and waded into the fast-flowing river to rescue the giraffe. There were dead branches trapping the giraffe’s long legs, so men came out with machetes to cut away the woody binds.

After pulling together, the group managed to get the giraffe safely to shore!

Their brave deed has won praise. “Wow! What a show of courage and passion for wildlife – our precious heritage,” said one comment. Another one said: “May God reward you guys.”

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