Terrified Stray Dog Bites Her Rescuer But Has A Complete Change Of Heart

When Carlos found a stray senior dog hiding in the bushes by the road he knew he could call Hope For Paws for help. The dense vegetation made it difficult for Eldad Hagar to get his gentle snare around the dog they name Dorothy.

At the beginning, Dorothy is sleeping soundly, but the seemingly quiet rescue takes a nasty turn when Dorothy wakes up and bites Lisa Arturo as she attempts to put a leash around her neck.

As Dorothy struggles, she panics and tries to run away until she collapses out of shock. She looks so afraid, but wait until minute 9:30 in the video. You’ll be stunned when you see Dorothy with Eldad after a few weeks of care!

Dorothy was taken in by Frosted Faces Foundation to find a forever home. As Hope For Paws says in the video, senior dogs may not have a lot of years left to live, but they have a lot of love to give.

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