Hilarious Moment Dog On Treadmill Notices His Friend Is Not Fully Committed

Have you ever had that moment when you and your BFF are working out and one of you looks over to the other and realizes only one of you is fully committed? Yeah, these two dogs are having that moment.

Maggie the dog recently took to the treadmill to get exercise with Havok the German Shepherd at Valor K9 Academy when dog trainer Amy Pishner caught this funny moment. She explains that the treadmill training is primarily for high energy dogs who need an extra workout if the weather outside is bad.

“Maggie is a high energy working dog who lives on a farm in Wisconsin,” she writes. “She spends hours a day outside but on rainy or extremely cold days she runs on the treadmill to get her energy out.”

But not to worry. It seems Maggie just needed some practice. After a few more times on the treadmill, Maggie “now runs off leash on the treadmill and loves it.”

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