Dog Who Survived 10 Days In Wilderness Joyfully Reunites With Her Dad

Kali, a Golden Retriever/Collie mix, couldn’t stop kissing her human dad, David Kareken, when she was reunited with her family after surviving for 10 days in the wilderness. The beloved dog had been swept away by rapids while her family was on a camping trip in Canada’s Provincial Park.

The 7-year-old dog was walking near the water when she tried to jump across to a nearby rock landing at Rebecca Falls. Although Kali was on a leash, the jump caused the leash to slip out of David son’s grip.

“As soon as I saw his face…I knew what happened. I was horrified,” said David. The family searched for hours and eventually lost hope, believing that Kali had perished in the river. But two weeks later, the family received a call.

Park rangers said they had found a dog matching Kali’s description! She had showed up at a campsite 10 days after going missing.

David drove 20 hours straight to be reunited with Kali, who arrived by floatplane to be reunited with her family. Their joyful reunion is captured in the video below. Kali can’t contain her happiness and gives David lots of kisses and hugs, while David can’t stop hugging his “princess” back.

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