Heartbroken Dog Keeps Vigil At His Owner’s Grave Every Day

A dog put his loyalty and heartbreak on full display when he refused to leave his owner’s coffin and now faithfully visits his grave every day.

The small dog named Cesur was photographed standing next to his owner Mehmet Ilhan’s coffin during the man’s funeral at the Central Mosque in Ohraneli, Turkey.

Babamin evden camiye. Cenaze namazindan defin olana kadar basindan ayrilmayan cesur. Ibret olsun bazilarina diye paylasiyorum.

Posted by Ali Ilhan on Thursday, January 19, 2017

The 79-year-old man died at hospital.

Ilhan’s son, Ali, told the Sun, “My father was paralysed for many years and adopted Cesur as a puppy two years ago to keep him company.”

Reklam alinir😁ekmek parasi.haketmek lazim.

Posted by Ali Ilhan on Tuesday, November 15, 2016

“He loved the dog and took very good care of him and I think Cesur is just sad because he is missing him,” said Ali.

Ali said that Cesur stopped eating when his father was in hospital during his final days. And when Mehmet’s body arrived home, Cesur stood watch.

At the funeral, Cesur followed the procession to the cemetery. “He wouldn’t move away from the coffin, not even an inch, at the funeral and then he followed us to the cemetery and waited until he had been buried,” said Ali.

The little dog has visited his owner’s grave for five days in a row. Ali is now taking care of Cesur and says that the little dog can’t seem to get used to his father’s absence but that he will be taking care of Cesur from now on.

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