Veterinarians Share Warning About Dangers Of No Sedation Teeth Cleaning

When it comes to taking care of our pets, we always want to do what’s in the best interest of their health. But sometimes we can be unaware that the care we’re giving is ineffective. That’s what one dog owner discovered after the teeth cleaning they had been getting their dog hid the fact that their dog’s teeth were not being properly cleaned.

Veterinary dentists in Arizona wants to help spread the word of the dangers of non-anesthetic teeth cleaning. This is the practice of cleaning a dog’s teeth without putting the dog under anesthesia and involves scaling (scraping with an instrument) the plaque from the visible part of the dog’s teeth.

Veterinarians often refer to the practice of scaling the teeth without anesthesia as non-anesthesia dental scaling (NAD or NADS). However, the term “cleaning” is a bit misleading, as pet parents may have the impression that their dog has received proper dental care. This is not the case. This type of procedure will not clean beneath the gumline of the teeth where the bacteria that causes periodontal disease occurs. Without cleaning underneath the gumline, the bacteria can multiply and damage the roots of the teeth.

“This dog had a non anesthetic teeth cleaning for 5 years. The teeth looked very clean,” Arizona Veterinary Dental Specialists revealed on Facebook. “The dog came to our clinic when the teeth were noticed to be mobile. After full mouth radiographs, the real problem was revealed…and it was below the gum-line!!! Poor dog had 18 teeth extracted. Look at all that tartar on the root. This demonstrates the pitfalls of non anesthetic teeth cleanings. Without being able to clean below the gum-line or take dental X-rays, cleaning just the crown is useless. Spread the word!”

This dog had a non anesthetic teeth cleaning for 5 years. The teeth looked very clean. The dog came to our clinic…

Posted by Veterinary Dentistry Training on Sunday, December 18, 2016

To help keep your dog’s teeth white and clean between visits to the dentist, learn how to brush your dog’s teeth. It will certainly help prevent built up of plaque and tartar on your dog’s teeth. And please share this information to help dog lovers know how to properly maintain their dog’s health!

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