Dog Shelter Makes Sure That Every Stray Dog Who Needs A Wheelchair Gets One

There’s a special dog shelter in Romania that makes sure that every dog who comes to them, gets the best shot at a happy life, and that also goes for the dogs who have lost the use of their limbs.

Adăpostul Speranța says that they refuse to end a life if they can give that dog a happy one through proper care. In the case of their disabled dogs, the group ensures that the dogs get wheelchairs so they can walk and play like any other dog.

A partner of Four Paws International, Adăpostul Speranța recently shared a series of heartwarming pictures of the dogs with their specially built carts. “The happiness of our paraplegic dogs is our reward,” the shelter writes as to why they keep up their work.


Adăpostul Speranța

“They run (they’re the only ones who roam free in every corner of the shelter), they enjoy the sun and the grass, sometimes they even race, with their funny wheels,” the group describes on Facebook.


Adăpostul Speranța

All the handicapped dogs are permanent residents at the sanctuary. From the looks of their happy, smiling faces, the dogs are grateful for the care and love they receive.


Adăpostul Speranța

Despite limited resources, Adăpostul Speranța refuses to leave any dog behind. However, they recently put out an appeal for new wheelchairs as several of the dogs have gotten bigger and some carts have broken. They write, “Right now, we desperately need to buy other 11 carts, for their future ‘drivers’ can move again.”


Adăpostul Speranța

For more information on the work they do, visit their Facebook page and website.

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