Dog ‘Rescues’ His Buddy From Playing In The River To Grab His Stick

When Rafael Franciulli from Córdoba, Argentina took his two dogs to the river to play, he captured this fun and amazing moment of his yellow Labrador Retriever appearing to “rescue” the black lab from the water.

“We were at Yuspe River playing with our dogs,” explains Rafael. “They always play tug with sticks.”

The black dog is grabbing a stick at the top of a rapid when he slips down the river with the stick in his mouth. But he doesn’t need to worry, as his buddy pulls him out. Of course it looks more like the yellow lab wants the stick rather than to “rescue” his friend!

Although you can’t see it, this is a shallow section of the river that ends up in a pool and neither dog was in actual danger. Says Rafael, “The dogs weren’t hurt, and they enjoy every minute they play in water!”

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