Dog Rescued After Surviving 5 Weeks On Freeway Median

A German Shepherd nicknamed “Freeway Frida” is finally safe after surviving five weeks living on a highway median in Galt, California.

A driver called police after she saw the dog jump or fall out of a pickup truck on the highway. Police responded that day but they couldn’t find her.

However, the dog must have been quite devoted to her owner because she kept on going back to the same median on the freeway.

“For the past five weeks, we’ve gotten calls every other day from people reporting an injured dog on the median,” Officer Silvia Coelho told ABC News today. “But every time we went out there, we couldn’t see or find her. She was like a ghost dog.”

Finally, after weeks of trying Coelho got lucky and caught Frida. Frida is recovering from a broken leg and being treated for malnourishment at a local vet hospital. Police looked for Frida’s family, but no one came forward. As soon as she was placed up for adoption, Coelho stepped forward and adopted Frida, saving the dog a second time.

“She’s such got a strong heart and a strong will for surviving out on that median for five weeks,” said Coelho. “She’s truly amazing.”

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