Dog Cruelly Pierced With Carabiner Is Rescued Off The Streets

A dog was seen wandering through the streets of an Italian city with a gruesome injury – his chest had been pierced with a large metal carabiner, leaving his skin bloody and wounded.

The rescue group, Taxi Dog, received a call about the pierced dog and immediately went to help.

Warning: some images below may be disturbing to some readers.

Non ha fine la crudeltà dell’uomo
Soccorso a sassari su disposizione asl n.1

Posted by Taxi Dog on Sunday, October 18, 2015

They had been told he had an iron ring in his chest and that he was aggressive and difficult to approach. But when they found him, they found that the situation was completely different. Andrea Loriga with Taxi Dog told the Italian publication fanpage that the dog was shy but he was also so hungry that when they offered him a piece of food he came close enough for them to get a hold of him. “He was only scared and hungry,” she said.


Photo credit: Facebook / Taxi Dog

They took the dog to the shelter in Sassari, Sardinia, where he was immediately examined by a veterinarian.

The vet removed the piece of metal from the dog’s skin and sutured him up. He will be cared for at the shelter and will be made available for adoption when he has recovered.

Local authorities have been notified and it is hoped that the individual(s) who committed this barbaric and cruel act will be identified.

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