Owner Reunites with Dog Who Was Lost at Sea For Over A Month

A German Shepherd named Luna was lost at sea and given up for dead, but she shocked everyone when she was found over a month later on a small island off the coast of San Diego, California. Fisherman Nick Haworth had been out with Luna when she fell off a fishing boat and disappeared. Haworth was heartbroken but didn’t give up hope. He knew the 1-year-old dog was a very powerful swimmer. Haworth desperately searched for her for several days with help from the U.S. Navy. But after a week, she was considered lost at sea and presumed dead.

It turns out Haworth was right, Luna did find dry land; she had managed to swim two miles to a tiny island used for target practice by the Navy. That’s why Navy staff were shocked to find the dog on the remote island a month later. Luna is skinnier but appears to have survived her castaway ordeal by eating mice.


Photo credit: U.S. Navy

Ecstatic at the news his pup survived, Haworth was reunited with her shortly after. “To have my best friend back is the greatest gift I’ve ever received,” he said. What a lucky pup!

Watch their heartwarming reunion in the video below.