Cute Chihuahua Puppy Thinks She Is A Baby Goat

Sunflower Farm Creamery is known for their adorable pajama-wearing baby goats. Their latest addition is no less adorable, but she’s a little bit different from her companions. Lola is an 8-week-old Chihuahua puppy whose tail doesn’t stop wagging as soon as she meets the goat kids.

“On her first day at the farm, she was feeling a little shy, but as soon as she saw the goat kids (Princess Leia and Lady Bug), she warmed right up,” the owners wrote on YouTube. “Interestingly our older dogs, an English Mastiff and a pug are not at all interested in Lola, so it looks like she will have to depend on the goats for fun and games!”

That doesn’t look like it will be any problem. Lola tags along with Princess Leia and Lady bug on their adventures and towards the end of the video she’s even hopping like them too!

If you enjoyed watching Lola, wait until you see the baby goats chasing their humans at Sunflower Farm.