Shelter Dog Who Cried All Day In His Kennel Has Reason To Hope Again

Sometimes a glimmer of hope can weigh heavily on the soul. That’s what happened to a homeless dog who wouldn’t stop crying after he was adopted but returned to the shelter a few days later.

Juice is a Bullmastiff mix and a longtime resident at Montgomery County Animal Services & Adoption Center, having spent 10 months at the facility. The shelter recently shared a heartbreaking video of Juice and a plea to help find him a home.

“This is a really hard post for us, because it’s about a great dog who isn’t doing so well. This is a story about Juice: a cuddly, loving, giant-headed goofball who has been at the shelter for almost 10 months. And Juice really, really needs your help. Really.

“For a long time, Juice was the example we used as a dog who could manage the stress of shelter life without getting depressed. But in the past month that changed- he started to lose his confidence. Then he was adopted and we jumped for joy! But it wasn’t the right match, and after a couple of days he was back in his kennel, more stressed than ever. Staff started to notice him crying, panting, and pacing more often.

“One of our staff took him home for a “sleepover” this week to give him a break from the shelter and try to help him relax. But when she brought him back in the morning and put him back in the kennel, he started crying. And didn’t stop. All day.

“Living in a shelter is not a life, and we’re afraid that Juice is beginning to lose himself. He needs a home, where he can be himself and regain the confidence and trust that he has lost. He needs a family who will give him time and patience- we know that he’ll repay that kindness with incredible loyalty and endless snuggles.”

Their plea reached thousands of people and shortly after they wrote that they had received “hundreds of calls, emails, and messages from folks all over the country (and the world)”. They added, “We’re happy to tell everyone that he has several great applications, and we hope he’ll be going home very soon.”

Juice has not yet been adopted, but Montgomery County Animal Services is hopeful they will find him the perfect match among all the applications.

Although Juice doesn’t know it yet, there’s reason for him to hope again!

Good News Update:

Just as predicted, Juice has a forever family. Watch as they come to pick him up and take him home. Juice is ALL smiles.

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