Adorably ‘Creepy’ Bullmastiff Never Lets His Human Out Of His Sight

Cyrus is a 2-year-old Bullmastiff who is very attached to his human mom, Lauren Birney, and likes to keep an eye on her…at all times! That means lurking behind furniture, peeking around doors, and sneaking around.

He does it so much that Lauren calls Cyrus’ behavior “creeping”. She began to take photos of Cyrus’ unusual but adorable activity and they’re hilarious. It’s amazing how such a big dog manages to “hide” and yet, never lets Lauren out of his sight!

“Creepy Cyrus” doesn’t just find ways to lurk and stare. He helps a lot of dogs, although he doesn’t know it. That’s because he donates blood every 4 months. “He is such a good boy during it all,” Lauren wrote on Instagram. “Literally [he] just stands there and gets fed chicken. I love him. It’s a good feeling knowing that he can save other dogs lives.”

When he’s not giving blood, the lovable big dog loves hanging out with his family and his buddies Beerus and Lou Lou. Oh, and creeping.

“Creepy Cyrus in full swing.”

“Woke up this morning and come out of the bedroom to this!!! Either that’s his first creep for the day or he was caught red handed eyeing off my freshly baked cookies.”

“Burrito creeping.”

“Just creepin, again.”

“Just thinking about the snuggles.”

Convicted “creeper”.

Does your pet never let you out of their sight? Share Cyrus’ antics with your friends and family!

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