Couple Rescue Mangy Puppy And Nurse Her Back To Health

After a man and his wife lost their two senior dogs within 10 days of each other at the beginning of the year, they recently decided to get another dog. But they didn’t get just any dog, they rescued Mila, a 3-month-old puppy at the pound after seeing her picture on Facebook along with a message asking for help. Mila was very sick and desperately needed someone to save her. Redditor darthrio chronicled Mila’s fight from sickness to health in the touching photos below starting with her ride home.

“The ride home: My wife and I saw her shared on Facebook asking for someone to save her from the pound. She was 3 months old had demodectic mange over most of her body, a terrible skin infection and pneumonia,” he writes.

On her first night home, “Her infection was so bad and her fever was so high we didn’t know if she was going to make it through that first night. We spent 6 hours that night at the emergency vet.”

Mila was introduced to their dog Molly. “After 3 days of heavy antibiotics she was beginning to come out of her shell.”

One month later, Mila had to wear a t-shirt all the time. Her pneumonia and infections were gone, and she had lost most of her hair due to the treatment for mange. Mila had weekly visits to the vet for her first two months.

Around 2 1/2 months after bringing her home, Mila’s hair began growing back. “She was in full on crazy puppy mode,” dad writes.

On her way to her four month vet check up dad notes, “She’s so good on car rides.”

Six months later, Mila is completely healthy. And at nine months old, “she’s the sweetest little girl in the world”. Dad comments, “I love this little fighter so much.”

Bonus shot: she loves to snuggle with Molly.

I’m so glad to see Mila is so happy and healthy now. Share Mila’s amazing recovery with your friends and family!

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