Couple Who Met At The Dog Park Share Their Adorable Engagement Story

Tucker used to travel everywhere with his human. That is until she met a Boy who had a dog named Riggins. When that happened, their lives were about to change forever! Redditor keatno_pizza shared the cute story of when Tucker met Riggins and it reads like something out of Lady and The Tramp. Or maybe 101 Dalmatians. Either way, it’s a love story.

Tucker’s mom clarifies by writing, “My fiancé and I met at the dog park, so it’s really their wedding we’re planning.”

“In the beginning, we were just two. Tucker was my roommate, my best friend, and my Friday night date. We traveled the country together.”

“From Niagara Falls…”

“To Breckenridge CO…”

“And to the Grand Canyon!”

“But when we moved back to Boston, Tucker met Riggins and a Boy.”

“They wined and dined.”

“They fell in love”

“And they went on beautiful hikes together.”

“They got so comfortable together…that they stopped worrying about their morning ears.”

“Because that’s when you know you’ve got something really good.”

“Tucker told the Boy it was time to tie the knot.”

“And just like that, two became four.”

It’s always wonderful to see two families merge so happily! Share this cute story with your family and friends!