Police Officer Goes Beyond The Call Of Duty To Save Dog From Frozen Lagoon

A police officer is earning accolades after he helped save a dog that chased a bird into a small lake and fell through the thin ice.

The dog was with his owners for a walk around Lost Lagoon in Vancouver’s Stanley Park, a popular park in Vancouver, BC when he ran into the lake and fell through the thin ice.

Constable Peter Colenutt and his fellow officers were nearby when they were alerted of the dog in trouble. When they arrived they noticed the dog was tired and struggling to stay above the water.

Const. Colenutt took off part of his uniform and leapt into the water with a rope, while the other officers held the other end. He managed to get a hold of the dog. He and the dog were both cold but uninjured after their ordeal.

A few people were in the park at the time of the rescue and snapped photos, which they subsequently shared on Twitter.

This is not Colenutt’s first water rescue. Last year, the officer swam out into the ocean to save a drowning swimmer.

Share this kind-hearted cop’s actions with your family and friends if you think he deserves a “thank you”.

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