Petrified Abandoned Dog Opens His Heart To Love Again

Combo was wandering the streets of Athens, Greece in terrible condition after surviving on his own for too long. He was spotted by a woman, who immediately notified the Save a Greek Stray shelter, and a volunteer went and picked him up that very same day.

Combo had matted hair, ticks all over him and he was sick with leishmaniasis, ehrlichia and mange. But his rescuers also made a heartbreaking discovery.

“While he was shaved, on the back of his neck we found two stitches, apparently from a microchip removed a long time ago by his owners, before abandoning him,” they write.

In Greece, microchips are mandatory by law. So the fact that someone took the extra steps to cover their in addition to dumping him is doubly upsetting.

But now, after his medical treatment, Combo has a perk back in his step. “Today he is a happy, social and kind young man, looking for his forever home,” says Save a Greek Stray.

Whereas when he arrived, Combo was petrified, “Little by little his heart opened up again – and inside it there’s room for all the love in the world,” his rescuers write. “[He] will follow you around everywhere, stand in front of you, look you in the eye and wait for you to pet him. Again and again. No matter how many kisses and hugs he receives, it’s just never enough…”

Share Combo’s story with your family and friends and remember to never turn a blind eye to a dog in need!

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