Very Protective Cat Looks After 7 Chihuahuas

Five sweet little Chihuahuas have a very unusual parent in addition to their human mom and their Chi-Chi parents. The pack – Yuta, Hana, Nami, Mocha, and Kuma – live in Bangkok, Thailand and are often watched over by Ritchie the cat.

Richie is very much the “boss” of the Chihuahuas and keeps an eye on his family.

Richie has a very close bond with Kuma, the tiniest dog of the bunch.

Kuma loves Ritchie and will follow him everywhere. See how he pops up behind the cat?

And Ritchie keeps Kuma close to him, protecting him.

The two nap together…

And sometimes they nap with the entire pack!

It’s no wonder that they’ve become social media darlings ever since their mom started sharing photos of them.

They are such a cute family!

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