Brothers See Ravens Circling In The Sky And Come To The Rescue Of Eagle

Two brothers in Sudbury, Ontario got a picture with an unusual friend over the weekend that is going viral after they posted it to Facebook. The two were out hunting when they stumbled across a bald eagle stuck in a trap.

Neil and Michael Fletcher were out hunting when they noticed several ravens circling nearby. When they got closer they stumbled across a bald eagle stuck in a trap.


They wanted to help the raptor so decided to try and free it. In the first video they took, you can see Michael take off his jacket and wrap the bald eagle in it to prevent it from moving while they worked on prying open the trap.

The raptor remained calm while they worked to free its talon from the trap. Michael picked up a stick to help pry the trap open while his curious dog sniffs out what’s going on from nearby and needs to be shooed away. It took some time, but they eventually were able to free the eagle.

Before sending it on its way, they took an amazing selfie with their rescue.

In their second video, the brothers releases the bald eagle into the air and it flies away, no doubt grateful for the help.

It’s an experience the two will remember forever. Share this amazing wildlife rescue with your friends and family!

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