“Bra Fairy” Helps Homeless Women Feel Good About Themselves

We often hear of homeless outreach programs that work hard to provide food, clothing, and shelter to the hundreds of thousands of individuals living on the streets. But we don’t often consider the particular challenges homeless women face day-to-day. For instance, what happens when they get their periods? What do they do if they don’t have a proper bra to wear?

These items are important to women, not only for their health and cleanliness but also for them to feel okay about themselves. Many homeless women can’t afford the basics such as food let alone necessary feminine hygiene products. That’s where Dana Marlowe, otherwise known as “the bra fairy”, has stepped in to fill the need.

In the video below, the National Alliance to End Homelessness interviewed Dana and the homeless women she helps. She collects and donates thousands of undergarments and feminine hygiene products for homeless women. Her program called “Support the Girls” encourages women to donate their unused bras so they can be given to women who need them.

“Seeing their smile and how appreciate they are, that can energize me for weeks to come,” Dana says of the homeless women she’s helped. “It’s not solving the world’s problems with the snap of a bra, but it helps a little bit.”

Watch Dana’s story and the impact she is making in her community. Please share this wonderful idea with your friends and pay it forward!

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