Incredible Moment 8-Year-Old Boy With Cerebral Palsy Finishes Triathlon All On His Own

I had a hard time holding back the tears watching this wonderful moment. Bailey Matthews, 8, has been fighting cerebral palsy his entire life. But he doesn’t let it keep him from challenging himself. Recently, he competed in the Castle Howard Triathlon in North Yorkshire, England.

After completing a 100m lake swim, 4,000m bike and 1,300m, he rounded the corner to complete the final stretch of the race. Bailey threw away his walker to cross the finish line on his own!

He stumbles a few times, but gets back up with a huge smile on his face and the crowd cheering him on! It’s an incredible moment to witness!

His mom Julie Hardcastle told The Yorkshire Post, “You can see his little face when he came round and saw everyone, that was his way of finishing in style and showing everyone what he could do. It was the response from the crowd that pushed him to do that.”

Here’s a photo of the joyous moment Bailey crosses the finish line. Congratulations, Bailey!

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