Boy Tries To Sell His Favorite Skateboard To Help The Injured Stray Dog He Found

A 9-year-old boy’s kind gesture to help a stray dog has not only earned him praise but also is giving the dog a second chance. Mauco Abeiro loves animals deeply so when he recently found a puppy in the street of his home town of Guaymallén, Argentina, he wanted to help him.

The dog had injured one of his front legs and needed medical attention. Mauro scooped up the puppy and brought him home and gave him a bath, food, lots of love and named him “Rocko”. But Mauco’s single mother did not have the money to pay for a vet visit. Mauco was upset, but a day later he had an idea. He would sell his favorite skateboard that he had gotten as a gift.

“Being a single mom, my economic situation is not the same as before. When I told him I had no money to pay a vet he got [upset], Mauco’s mother, Laura Jorge, told “He was like that one day. And the next day he came home from school with a decision.”

Mauco asked his mother if he could use her Facebook account to post the message. Roughly translated, he wrote: “Hi, I’m Mauco, son of Laura, she lent me her face because I do not have it. Look at this dog I found on the street, she’s sick and has a hurt leg. If you are interested in skateboarding please leave your number here and my mom will call you.”

Esta noche Rocco en Canal 7… a partir d las 00:00 hs en 7 y medio!

Posted by MLau Jorge on Friday, November 25, 2016

The posting went viral and although Mauco didn’t receive any offers for his skateboard, he and his mom did receive donations from all over the world. They were also offered help by animal rescues and veterinarians. Thanks to the collaboration of dozens of people, Rocko will be able to continue his recovery while waiting for a forever home. And Mauco doesn’t have to give up his skateboard.

Posted by MLau Jorge on Friday, November 25, 2016

“A lady, Ruperta, from Perros Mendocinos, offered a bank account they have with the veterinarian ‘Pulgosos’, from San José, to take Rocko and attend him there with the expenses paid,” explained Laura.

I sense that animal rescue is definitely in the future for Mauco! I love his initiative and his perseverance to get Rocko help!

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