Border Collie Cleverly Tricks People Into Playing Ball With Her

Leave it to a Border Collie to figure out how to get unsuspecting strangers to play a game of fetch with her. This Border Collie named Sue lives in the Netherlands with her human Kelly Dobbe and she has a clever way to lure people into playing with her.

She tosses her ball over the fence and waits for people to come by. She then innocently lays down in that way that Border Collies do when they’re focused on a task until someone notices and picks the ball up to throw it back to her. And it happens over and over again, much to Sue’s delight.

But as the video below shows, most of these folks probably think she’s simply lost her ball, unaware they’ve been tricked into doing exactly what she wants!

Sue is one clever dog. Check out this heart-melting and funny video below:

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It’s a regular pastime for Sue, who loves to play in the garden with her ball.

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She hates it if it’s rainy outside and she can’t go out and play.

Who knows what she’ll do with all the new friends around the world she’s making with her viral video!

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