Bonded Dogs Separated At Shelter End Up Back Together In Touching Story

Two bonded stray dog friends were separated at a shelter and then months later…this happens!

Abby Riley was found as a stray and brought in with another dog to Adams County Pet Rescue. They were put in separate kennels and no one knew they were a bonded pair until Abby snuck out of her kennel and was found lying by her companion’s side.


Photo credit: YouTube

But her best friend was adopted right away because he was a social dog. Abby, on the other hand, had to go through more training before she could be adopted. Six months past and Abby found an amazing forever home soon after her rehabilitation. Not long after that, Abby’s new family thought it would be awesome if Abby got a friend.

They contacted Alycia and Rebecca of Animal House TV and asked if they could help in the search for a second dog. Alycia and Rebecca called around and talked to the shelter manager at Adams County Pet Rescue, who told them the dog that Abby was bonded with had been returned to the shelter.

It was kismet! These two were meant to be together! Alycia and Rebecca were excited by the news and picked up the German Shepherd to get him ready for a reunion with Abby! They got him groomed and then drove him to meet Abby.


Photo credit: YouTube

The two were separated by a fence and on leash because no one was sure how the two dogs would react to seeing one another. Wait until 5:37 in the video and you’ll see what happens when Abby and her boyfriend see each other after being separated so long! Talk about a love story!


Photo credit: YouTube

Alycia and Rebecca would love potential adopters to open their hearts and homes to bonded pairs. They say it’s not common, but hope people will consider it after watching this love story. Dogs not only form lasting relationships with people, they also have lasting relationships with one another.

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