Blind Dog Was Left To Survive On His Own Until Rescuers Got A Call They Couldn’t Ignore

This dog rescue really pulled on my heartstrings! Dahlia Ayoub, a certified professional dog trainer and part of a well-connected dog rescuer group, had heard about a stray dog living around a local car wash in Etobicoke, Ontario.

The Azores Cattle Dog had been left to fend for himself for 7 months and was almost completely blind. They needed to be persistent to gain his trust and rescue him. Once he was safe, Dahlia named the dog “Bo”.

The gentle giant got a second chance after one of the vet techs who looked after him, fell in love with him and ended up adopting him!

The video below is the story of his rescue from the streets. Share this heartwarming dog rescue with your family and friends!

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