Dog Overbred And Abandoned On Streets Still Affectionate Despite Her Ordeal

An Italian course-haired hound named Bella was used for breeding and nothing else. And after she was “no good” at that anymore, she was abandoned on the streets of Athens, Greece, to survive on her own. Luckily for the ailing dog, she was spotted by a volunteer with SCARS, a dog rescue group in Greece.

Bella was in rough shape. Her insides were likely ravaged from years of giving birth and overbreeding had caused her severe hormonal problems. “Her genitals and bottom were swollen and her condition had also affected her intestinal circulation,” the dog rescue group writes on YouTube. “Bella suffered from chronic diarrhea that exhausted her.” She was also suffering from mange and ehrichia (a tick-borne disease), but with medications and a special diet, her health slowly returned.

After a long recovery and the love she received in her foster home, Bella has recuperated and today she is a healthy and happy dog in search of a home!

“She is very affectionate to people, children, dogs and cats,” says SCARS. “A very easy going dog that can be happy with long walks on the mountain but also with small walks around the block. Bella has absolutely no hunting instinct in her. She is a companion dog and very human centered, that will follow you off the leash wherever you go.”

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