Wild Beaver Wanders Into Store And Checks Out The Christmas Aisle

An officer with the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office made an unusual call this week when shoppers reported seeing a wild beaver wandering the aisles of the bargain market in Charlotte Hall, Maryland.

The officer was even more surprised when she found the animal in the Christmas tree section. Sadly for the beaver, it was the store’s selection of artificial trees.


St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office / Twitter

The beaver was photographed looking hopefully at the boxed trees, but he was surely greatly disappointed to discover it wasn’t his usual timber.

The beaver wandered through the rest of the Christmas aisles, but didn’t find anything to his liking.


St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office / Twitter

Thankfully, the beaver was rescued without any trouble and is now with a wildlife rehabilitator, where I’m sure he’ll get plenty of real twigs and branches to chew on before being released back into the wild.

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