Baby Owl Singing To ‘Monster Mash’ With A Toy Owl Is The Best Halloween Treat Ever

Oakley is an orphaned Great Horned Owl being cared for at a bird rescue and who has found companionship with a stuffed owl. He also likes to groove along with the toy as it “sings” ‘Monster Mash’!

“He is always leaning against it. It gives him comfort and keeps him from stressing,” says Oakley’s caretaker at the Eagle Valley Raptor Center in Kansas. Oakley will be moved in with three older juveniles in the next few weeks as part of his rehabilitation process. “They are pretty wild, and this way he will finish growing up with his own kind. So, for now, while he is still pretty young all he gets is a stuffed Owl…We hope to release him in about 6 weeks.”

Until then, Oakley and the Oaklettes are making the Halloween season a little more fun!

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