Army Veteran Saves Eagle Hanging In Tree When No One Else Would

Jason Galvin and his neighbors recently noticed a bald eagle dangling upside down in a tree in their Minnesota town. The raptor had gotten its talon wrapped in a piece of rope and was dangling 70 feet in the air. At first, Jason thought the bird might be dead. But when he took a closer look with his binoculars he saw that the eagle was still breathing.

He and his wife called police, the fire department, the DNR, but no one would help. They were told that they were aware of the situation but there was nothing they could do. The bird had been hanging there for 2 days, but it was too dangerous to attempt to scale the tree to free it.

Upon hearing the news, Jason’s wife begged him to grab his gun and use his sharpshooting skills to try and save the eagle. Jason is an army veteran who served two tours in Afghanistan. Although it seemed like the impossible challenge, Jason agreed, not wanting to leave the bird to its terrible fate.

He got permission from the DNR and took his .22 long rifle and began shooting at the tree branches and the piece of rope. Jason said he was very nervous because he didn’t want to hit the bird . But he carefully took shot after shot. An hour and a half and 150 rounds later, Jason’s persistence paid off.

Watch the news video below to hear Jason describe the rest of his incredible rescue!

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