Adoptable Cats Participate In Yoga Class To Help Find Them Homes

The adult cats at Homeward Bound no-kill shelter in Illinois had a field trip recently to a yoga class. The shelter teamed up with Yoga at Connie’s to host the special event to help raise money and find homes for the adoptable cats!

The cats were free to mingle and stretch and practice their poses alongside the human students.

Shelter volunteer Jeanette Skaluba thought up the idea and wanted to help raise awareness and boost adoptions of cats that are normally overlooked at the shelter.

She also thought the even would expose the adoptable cats to people who might not normally visit the animal shelter.

“A lot of people find shelters depressing, so they’re not inclined to visit,” Skaluba told The Dodo. “By taking the cats to something like a yoga class, people have the opportunity see and interact with them outside the shelter. It gives these cats exposure and shows their personality.”

During the class, the cats mingled and cuddled with students. Some helped them with their stretches, while a few others sat and observed, like cats are prone to do.

The event was a great success raising $500 for the shelter and Pippen the cat got adopted. P.S. Breezy, the sociable black and white cat in the photos, is still (incredibly!) available.

I think this is a fantastic idea and hope more shelters and yoga studios follow suit with their own cat and yoga events.

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