Abandoned Dog Found With Huge Tumor Gets A Second Change

A Golden Retriever named Henry was found abandoned on a California beach last month with a 46 pound tumor on his belly. The large growth made it extremely difficult for the dog to walk and would have made any chance at a future impossible for him. He couldn’t even lift his leg to go to the bathroom.

Wanting to give Henry a shot at a new life, Animal Control Officer Valerie Schomberg decided to make it her mission to get Henry help. She said, “He’s has too much love and life to live. We wanted to given him a chance.”

It’s difficult to see him at the start of the video below, carrying around such a large tumor, the obvious result of owner neglect. But seeing him afterwards, happier, healthier and weighing just 78 pounds makes it all worthwhile!

And in more good news, the Newport Beach Animal Shelter posted the following update on June 10, 2016 about the status of the biopsy of Henry’s tumor:

“HENRY UPDATE!!! Henry has touched so many people, we wanted to share more of his story with you. The tumor was cancerous, BUT it is non-metastatic (meaning that it didn’t spread anywhere else) and the surgical team got it all out. More good news for Henry: it’s a slow-growing type of cancer, which makes it easier to catch and remove if he ever has a re-occurrence. (But there’s no reason to believe it will come back.) Henry’s just given us all one more reason to smile. :)”

Henry, who Valerie says is affectionate and gentle and thought to be around 8 years young, will be available for adoption through Newport Beach Animal Shelter.

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