Cecil The Lion And 160 Endangered Animals Light Up New York’s Empire State Building

Endangered species has been at the forefront of social media this past week with the death of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe. So it was only appropriate that Cecil be highlighted in an extraordinary light show that occurred on New York’s Empire State Building this past week.

It so happens that an event has been planned for some time. Over 160 species of endangered animals were projected onto the side of the famous city landmark and measured 350 feet tall and 180 feet wide. Birds, tigers, leopards, whales were featured in an event entitled, “Projecting Change” put together by the Oceanic Preservation Society with the Discovery Channel to spark discussion on wildlife conservation and promote its upcoming documentary “Racing Extinction” which airs in December.

The images and video displayed over 3 hours and marks the first time that such a video projection has been done on the building. New Yorkers could see the light show from all over and posted photos to social media.

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