Swimmer Doesn’t Know Why So Many People Are Yelling At Him, Then He Sees The Crocodile

A tourist in Mexico picked the wrong place to go for a swim when he went for a dip in the waters locals steer clear of because of crocodiles! The young swimmer in Sian Ka’an, Mexico was caught on video frantically scrambling for shore with a huge crocodile giving chase.

If it wasn’t for the quick-thinking of one of the terrified onlookers watching from a nearby bridge, the swimmer might not have been so lucky. But thankfully for him, someone threw and object at the giant animal deterring it from its prey!

Manuel Carrera, who shot the video, said that he filmed it “not long ago” when the tourist went swimming without knowing that in the area of the Boca Paila bridge lurks a male crocodile usually fed by the fishermen on the bridge. The reptile has become an expert at stealing the fishermen’s fish.

“Unfortunately, that crocodile already associated us with food and as the video shows the boy was saved because the crocodile is well fed and chased at a pace that allowed him to reach the shore,” said Cerrara.

He hopes the video serves as a warning to tourists not to go swimming in the area or to feed the crocodiles. I think the warning will be heeded from now on!

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