Steve Harvey Flirts With 100-Year-Old Woman In His Audience And It’s Adorable

Steve Harvey always enjoys interacting with the audience on his show, and recently he became smitten with a Ms. Nelson from Virginia. Ms. Nelson was sitting in the front row and dressed up in a crown and sash in honor of her 100th birthday. Harvey is shocked when he learns the old woman’s age and insists, “Girl, you ain’t no 100…62, you got to be about 62!”

What follows is a delightful exchange between the two. He asks her if she cusses and tells her that when he turns 100, he plans on “cussing all the time.”

Harvey continues his light-hearted flirting with the centenarian and Ms. Nelson clearly loves the attention! Their banter is funny and heartwarming and they have so much fun that I’m pretty sure Ms. Nelson will take Harvey up on his invitation to come back on his show for her 101st birthday!

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