Shelter Cat Who Loves Hugs Finds Forever Home After Video Goes Viral

A sweet and affectionate homeless cat won hearts and a home after a couple filmed their visit with him at a shelter.

Andy Brumagen posted the video of his fiancee holding the cat on Facebook where it quickly went viral. In it, the cat is seen hugging her and just won’t let go.

Soon after, the shelter in Washington was flooded with adoption requests and the hugging cat soon found a home.

But why did the cat not with Andy and his fiancee? Andy explains, “Hey everyone, thank you for all the love on this video. We have gotten word that this guy has found a home.”

For everyone who keeps asking why we couldn’t take him is because we have a 19 year old cat at home who needs constant love and affection and would probably get very depressed and die if we brought another animal home.”

Watch the adorable video below and share it with your friends.

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