Pregnant Dog Hangs On To Life After Being Stabbed For The Sake Of Her Puppies

A pregnant Lurcher found brutally attacked bravely hung on to life for the sake of her unborn puppies.

Cinnamon was found by dog wardens in Dublin, Ireland with multiple puncture wounds all over her body and heavily pregnant in late July of 2015. Her rescuers believe she was stabbed by someone and left for dead.

Cinnamon received emergency veterinary treatment on her wounds and because she could give birth to her puppies at any time, she was put straight away into foster care with Sean Fitzpatrick.

Within a day of being home with Sean, Cinnamon started to give birth! After nearly 15 hours, she finally finished giving birth to what the DSPCA call the “Dotey Dozen” – 4 girls and 8 boys.

“Cinnamon, with the help of Sean, is doing a fantastic job and looks like a different dog than the one that came in weeks ago,” the DSPCA wrote on Facebook at the time.

Sean named each of the puppies: Basil, Chilli, Ginger, Jasmine, Lavender, Nutmeg, Paprika, Pepper, Saffron, Sage, Salt and Wasabi.

Puppies and mom are doing well and were put up for adoption when they were ready, and found loving homes. Visit DSPCA’s website to see the dogs they have ready for adoption.

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