Orphaned Fox Kits Adopted By Akit Inu Dog

Two orphaned fox kits ended up being adopted by an unexpected mother! Jashi and Joshi were found in the countryside of Audeloncourt, France in 2007. They were brought home to live with an Akit Inu dog named Hiromi, who became their foster mother and took care of them.

In the video below, Jash and Joshi are playing in the backyard with Hiromi (she appears at the 2:35 mark).

When the two foxes grew up they went back into the wild. Later on, Jashi became a mother of her own on and came back to visit her adopted home for a short time to eat, get food for her babies, and to say ‘hello’ to her mother.

Here’s a wonderful slideshow of their time growing up together with Hiromi.

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