German Shepherd Grieving For Her Owner Roams Streets With Her Favorite Stuffed Toy

A homeless German Shepherd seen carrying her stuffed toy in her mouth was known to residents in the Detroit, Michigan neighborhood. The senior dog, now named Nikki, had been seen roaming the streets for several months. It appears she did have an owner at one time who lived in the area. She had been seen walking with her owner and happily greeting the people she’d meet.

But when the dog’s owner died, somehow Nikki ended up on the streets without a home or family. The one thing she did have as her plush toy. It was her constant companion as she roamed the streets. She brought it with her wherever she would go.

Perhaps the plushie provided her comfort or perhaps it’s a memory of her lost happy life. Whatever the reason, a few Good Samaritans rallied together to help her, feeding her and posting photos of her on social media and tagging multiple local animal rescues to ask for help.

Soon South Lyon Murphy Lost Animal Recovery, Pawzable Dog Training, Sugar Mutts Dog Grooming, Almost Home Animal Rescue League, and others came together to find and rescue the stray German shepherd.

After a few unsuccessful attempts they managed to secure Nikki. Even when in the car, Nikki made sure she had her toy by her side.

Almost Home Animal Rescue League

Safely back at Almost Home’s shelter Nikki took a well earned nap. “She’s resting comfortably with her stuffy. More love to come…it’s been a long day,” her rescuers shared on Facebook.

Almost Home Animal Rescue League

While Nikki was getting checked over by a veterinarian and groomed by Sugar Mutts Dog Grooming, rescuers sewed up her battered up stuffy and lined up a foster family for her.

After her groom, Nikki is looking so much better.

Nikki’s health is far from perfect. She is sadly suffering from heartworm and is not spayed. South Lyon Murphy Lost Animal Recovery shared on a Facebook post, “She’s had zero vetting as well. She’s never had a bath a day in her life and she has a double ear infection. The amazing dandy acres also shaved her belly so they could get an ultrasound because her guts dragging a little bit so there was concerned that there may be some buildup of fluid in the abdomen areas. The liver was distended, but thank goodness there wasn’t any fluid. I honestly don’t think she’s been inside for a long time.”

Nikki is now in foster care and will get the medical treatment she needs but one thing she’s now got plenty of is stuffies. Rescuers say she has received many, many stuffed toys from all over the country.

Almost Home Animal Rescue League

They also say she is an absolute sweetheart.

“This dog is the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet in your life, and I’ve been doing this for 23 years,” Gail Montgomery, cofounder and director of Almost Home Animal Rescue League, told The Dodo. “There’s just something about her. I love her so much.”

To help support Nikki’s heartworm treatment and medical bills, visit Almost Home Animal Rescue League.

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